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Week 5 - #MeToo

In our fifth class wediscussed the group project that we were given on the trending topic of #MeToo. The campaign gained major recognition through the actress, Alyssa Milano and has since spread worldwide through the media with the use of #MeToo. It’s a medium which allows people to share their experience with sexual harassment or abuse without having to reveal their identities if one does not wish to do so. The growth of this movement is astounding as it revealed that the majority of such issues are left unspoken. Most women feel too ashamed or scared to come forward with what they had to endure and so, social media makes them feel less vulnerable and gives an easy, safer access to share their experiences. This is very true as you don’t need to show your face or reveal your identity to post anything on social media. Because of this, there is a sense of confidence that comes with posting online. The campaign is so popular because it doesn’t require people to go out on the streets an…

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